Using EzineArticles in Article Marketing

Article marketing is an important component in marketing a website or online business. Most people who use article marketing eventually discover EzineArticles as a way to get their articles published by a website that has a high page rank.

The Power of Page Rank

Using an article directory is a way to get a back link for a website in order to boost its page rank. The higher the page rank that the article directory site has the better the back link will count toward raising the page rank of the sites that it links to. The page rank of EzineArticles is a six on a scale of 10. This is one of the highest page ranks of all the article directories, though not the highest.

Not all article directories have rules about what can be put on their site and where the links must be located, but EzineArticles has many rules that must be followed. The site has a list of topics that can’t be discussed in favorable terms. These include activities that are illegal, banned from AdSense ads or that directly compete with Ezine’s business structure. In addition, the articles published on the site must have a keyword density of less than 2 percent, even if the words chosen by Ezine as keywords aren’t the keywords that you had intended.

To get the benefit of Ezine’s page rank, these rules must be followed to the letter before the articles will be published on the site. This can make articles for this directory take far longer than writing articles for other directories, but many Web marketers find that the benefit of Ezine’s page rank make the time spend worth the effort.

Linking to Websites

The articles can’t talk about certain topics favorably, and the sites that the article links to can’t either. An editor at Ezine will look at the link that the article links to in order to make sure that those topics aren’t promoted there.

There are no links allowed within the text of an article that is published on the directory. The links are placed into a resource box that is located lower on the page, separated from the articles. If someone chooses to republish the article on their own website, they must take the entire resource box with them, publishing it on the site as well.

Republishing Rights

One of the big draws of using an article directory is that the articles are usually published elsewhere along with the listing on the main site. Directories allow anyone to republish the article and the resource box on their own sites. This allows people to get free content to use on their own sites, and it provides additional links for the Web marketer.

EzineArticles is one of a growing-number of article directories, but it remains one of the most popular because of the high search engine placement of its articles. With links form Ezine linking back to a site, a website can expect to have its page rank benefit with an increase in its own page rank.

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Unique Ways of Getting Excellent Email Marketing Results

Many marketers had recently discovered that some little tweaks and twist in their email marketing efforts resulted in more web visit, more sales and the resultant more profit. Everybody that can write simple English can equally write sale or marketing email but there are unique tips and tricks you must bear in mind while writing your next marketing email.

A. You may decide to make your subject line a question. There is this believe that questions draw human curiosity and the best way to make some people open certain emails is to ask questions in the title. They would open to possible to read the answers to such questions. This has proved to be effective and is used by many to drive more profit via their email marketing campaign efforts.

B. You can bribe your readers by offering certain things absolutely free. It may be a simple new discovery you made or a topic a friend shared with you. Be sure that what you are giving your audience is worth their time. It would definitely increase the confidence thy have in you and may make some to quickly open you mails each time it arrives in their boxes.

C. If you email contains graphic and pictures, you have to place some hyperlinks on them so that whenever your reader hovers the mouse above them, it leads to your link or where you tactically placed more sales force. Don’t be surprised that some may even deliberated click on the images or graphics to know it they would lead to other pages.

D. The length of your individual emails matters a lot. The email you send to your list on a new year day would different to the one you send to them when you want them to purchase something from you or subscribe to any program. These days, the length doesn’t mater a lot but the content and the ability of such mail to keep the attentions of your readers.

E. You don’t have to send abstract email to your readers. You would be drawing the readers’ attention more if you make such email look as if you are talking to him or her alone. Without minding the fact that such email may be read by hundreds or thousands of others, you have to be creative and make it look personal and direct to your individual readers.

F. Ensure that your customize you email marketing campaigns for example, there is a place in many Autoresponders where you can set the “Dear” column to direct to a person’s name. For instance, after setting it up, you email would read “Dear Paul” or any name the individual used to subscribe to your list. This is quite pleasing to many subscribers because they would tale it to mean that you are directly addressing them.

After you have taken care of all these, it time to test and retest all you have set before sending out the nest mail. I recommend that you read your email at least twice before sending it out. You may be surprised to still get some grammatical errors at the second proofreading.

Is Network Marketing Legal?

Now, besides me just telling you the quick answer, let me expand upon this question. Of course the answer is yes it is legal. The reason people will give you that it is illegal, is that they will generalize and say it is a pyramid and all pyramids are illegal. Now, yes pyramids are illegal and I would not have anything to do with them. What is a pyramid? It is where someone starts up something and gets you to pay some money do to get involved. So you tell someone about all the money that you will make and you want to share it with them. Now this goes on and on and of course the person that starts it will always make money. Now, as you get into this “scheme”, which is illegal, you are putting money in and you get a position to make money. There are no products. The sole and only reason why you get involved is to make money. Now, this is why people call network marketing a pyramid, is that sure you put in money to start a business, but legitimate companies, you make money on customer purchase of the product and not because you got started in the business. Now, lottery clubs and gifting programs are a form of this, because no one is actually a customer and there is no real products that generate the incomes.

So let me talk about facts anyone can learn about network marketing companies. The government her and in many companies regulate network marketing companies and they are part of the direct sellers association. You do not make money by someone signing up, you make it off of customer products. Yes, there are companies pretending to be network marketing companies, but fail to comply to the rules the governments set out. Some countries rules are stricter that others, in fact, China is probably one of the most strict to let people start a network marketing company with in their borders.

In order for someone to become a network marketing company, they must pay hefty fees to be part of the Direct Sellers Association. You can go to the direct seller association website if you want to find out if a company is what it says it is. Now as a company starts up, in the United States, each state regulates the industry through the attorney generals office. They make sure it complies to all laws.

People will think they are illegal when the start with the company, if they are not making the income that they feel they should, and often will tell everyone it is not, because they did not make the millions in 30 days. In network marketing, if they tell you that you will get rich quick and you do not need to do anything, then I will tell you that they are unethically promoting the business. Make sure you are educated on the business before you get started, then invest in yourself and one and only employee. Your education is a key and if you know the tricks that the leaders use, you will be highly successful. I talk to hundreds of people a day and yes you can be successful, but not with out proper training. There is not one company that provides you the training to be successful.

Making Money With Affiliate Internet Marketing

The growing e-commerce business has ushered in a new way of making money online: affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a method employed by product sellers to direct customers to their website. They do this by hiring website owners, called affiliates, to advertise products and refer interested customers to the sellers’ site. The affiliates are rewarded in cash or gift products, depending on how many potential buyers they managed to direct to the sellers. Many Irish companies have jumped on this new trend, thus increasing the level of affiliate internet marketing in Ireland.

While being an affiliate may look like easy, choosing which company to work for is quite hard. It is a common incident that most affiliates do not enjoy success in this business venture, either because their company’s products have very poor quality or very low market demand. It is essential, therefore, to scout for sellers that offer quality products and ensure a steady market demand. These two factors would make it easier for new affiliates like you to pitch the product to your website’s visitors. It is also desirable to have sufficient knowledge on the products you’re advertising. This makes you a credible source of information, and enables you to answer any query that potential buyers might have. It is also of importance that you keep your site fresh and pleasant-looking. If visitors see that your news and testimonials are quite outdated, they might think that the products are already out of the market or that you’re no longer committed in selling the product. You can eliminate these concerns by posting monthly news updates and chatting with your regular visitors from time to time. You should also limit posting direct links to your seller’s product site. Most visitors are discouraged when your site tends to look like a mere portal, rather than a source of credible and honest product descriptions and reviews.

These are but the primary steps as you take on the challenges of affiliate internet marketing in Ireland. While the success rate of affiliates is not that high, you can set yourself apart by continuing to develop the necessary skills to being an efficient product affiliate for high-quality Irish products.